Saturday, June 7, 2008

"School" on Saturday, woohoo

Today all of us learned about composting and gardening here in Paraguay. The bugs were out today and my friend Joan started getting big red welts on her elbows! Aaaah. I still haven´t broken out the mosquito net, but I believe it will be in order in spite of Peace Corps dr. telling me that we won´t need them until the summer. Considering that it´s winter here, I´m nervous for the summer.

The Guarani is coming along, more or less, but it´s hard around my host dad because he talks super fast.

The food is pretty good, but at my house we don´t eat enough vegetables! The most that I get is romaine lettuce for a salad every two days, if that. The staple ingredients are meat, meat, meat, mayonnaise and mandioca. There is a lot of starch eaten in my house and I haven´t gained loads of weight yet, but it will come if I don´t start working out soon. Last night I went running with Courtney for ten minutes because it was dark and we did not want to trip on the empedrada (cobblestones).

Welp, I´m going to check some Facebook and then go back to reunite with my family. i would prefer to spend time with the other trainees, but I feel the push to spend time with my family and speak more Guarani.

Jajotopata! (Later!)

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