Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paraguay vs. Peru soccer game

On Wednesday a group of about 24 Peace Corps Volunteers gathered to go to the Paraguay vs. Peru World Cup qualifier soccer game. I daresay we all had a fantastic time, what with the huge bass drum five rows over leading all of the cheers, like "Albi, albi, albirroja...". By the end of the game we were chanting along with all of the Paraguayans.

Luckily Paraguay scored a goal at the last minute, winning 1-0.

I am so sweaty in the photo to the right; it was definitely upwards of 90 degrees the day of the game and there is virtually no reprieve from the heat. Few stores have air conditioning and only the upclass restaurants have air conditioning. The first photo is my friend Julie and I and the second is me and Courtney. They are both from Virginia and are both in my "G" or group. We all were in staging in Miami together and went through training in Guarambare together.

Today I have some food shopping to do...I am pretty sluggish. It is frustrating to think about working here because people can be very political: they refuse to work with so and so because they are from a different political party.

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  1. Hey Karen, finally catching up on the blog. I totally hear you about the cooking, thought you'd like to know whether you are in Paraguay or Indiana, cooking for yourself still sucks!
    And keep up the great work, the fact that you are frustrated you cannot do more is something that you must deal with weather you are a volunteer or a businessman. You have already taken a huge step in the right direction. Have faith that all of the little things you do are making a difference. And you have such a long way to go before the end as you grow and learn in this incredible journey. I know that even though you have not built a road, or have lots of money to fix everything, you have touched a lot of people’s lives which is something not everyone can say. GO KAREN!
    P.S. Nicole REALLY wants to keep the JumpBack "tradition" going and if we were loaded we would totally fly you back for the weekend ;) So you have a trip to Purdue and a black tie dance to put on your calendar when you come home!