Monday, June 8, 2009

The last photos are from part two of a trash workshop that I did weeks ago, on May 23rd, a day with lots of thunder, a bit of lightning and lots of rain. Consequently I had only four attendees in spite of inviting around 30. If you could only see my super nice handmade invitation!

Lucas, the volunteer who lives closest to me and is a member of the group that most recently swore in as volunteers, came to help me conduct the workshop. We reviewed the consequences of burning inorganic materials in one’s trash pile, what plants need from the soil to live, different ways that trash is disposed in Paraguay (throwing in any old place, burning, burying) and the advantages and disadvantages of each disposal technique. We also learned how to make a compost pile and at the end we made recycled paper.

In the long run I think that if I want to implement a recycling and/or trash management program, I need to do so in the high schools. All of the high schools in my town except one start at 5 pm and go until 9:50 pm! Not the best schedule in the world, but if I really want to do it, then I guess I’ll be working at night as well.

The first photos are from one of my English student’s quinceañera last Saturday. Quinceañeras here in Paraguay are enormous events. I don’t know how much her family spent on the party, but from the deejay to the band, cake, the entire cow that was slaughtered, her dress, the beer and soda, they easily spent 5 million Guaranies, equivalently equal to $1,000. Considering that the minimum wage in Paraguay is approximately 1,300,000 Guaranies per month, that is a colossal sum for just a quince años. It’s such a big event that it nearly matches or surpasses a wedding.

I was accompanied by the only two uniformed guys present at the quinceañera, hehe. These first photos were them at about 3 am, mind you.
This rose is from my front patio!

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