Friday, September 12, 2008

Today I reconnected with my German roots by visiting the German Embassy in Asunción with the head of the Environmental Dept of the Muni, the mayor and a cacique from the local indigenous community. The Germans are donating money to build a fresh water well for the indigenous community in my muni.
The photo many of you have all been waiting for is to the right, just in time for the big Ohio State game tomorrow. The best part about this photo is that everyone besides me had no idea what they were doing or what they were spelling out.

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  1. hey karen, you guys look so funny :) and I figured since I am JCU's offical "German girl" I should post something beneath this pic. - when I see you in these pics I feel like being in 2001/02 again during my year of service. the people are lovely, but still it can be frustrating at times - it took me 4 month to figure out what job would work for me - before that just kitchen work, a lot of waiting and tee drinking and playing with the kids... anyhow: it's worth it!!!
    may god bless you in your work, fique co Dios!!!