Monday, September 8, 2008

Too tired to write

After getting a total of about 7 hours of sleep all weekend since I was partying for the fiesta patronal in Guarambare, I am hitting a wall. Therefore I don't have the brain power to write anything of substance. Here are some photos, it doesn't require as much noggin to upload.
Field of sugar cane with sunset in the background in Guarambaré.
Typical Paraguayan food: Chicken and mandioca. It has a potato-like peel (not shown in this picture) as well as a potato-like taste and texture.


  1. Can you get hot sauce on those wings? Rick wants to know!!!! Love ya, Lins

  2. I want some, I can tell you that! Ha ha. PS no worries about the accuracy of the address on my blog, it's the right one! Thanks for sending me something ;)! I will send you something when I can make it into Asunción. The mail here is not that reliable...I think that it might take a year to reach you if I sent it from my town, ha ha. Love ya

  3. hey thats YUCCA. r yuca :) same stuff in peru delicioussss better if its fried: